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Archduchy of Austria-Bavaria (English)
Erzherzogtum von Österreich-Bayern (German)
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Archduchy of Austria
New Austria Flag 1495 - Present
New Austria Flag.png CoA Austro-Bavaria.svg
Coat of arms
Austria within HRE PMIV.png
Austria-Bavaria Within the Holy Roman Empire. Countries in Pink are Personal Unions and Dependancies
Official languages German (unoffical)
Demonym Austrian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Archduchy
 -  Archduke Maximillian I
 -  Royal House Habsburg
 -  Player LxCaucassus
 -  Privilegium Maius 20 July 1358 
 -  Treaty of Neuberg 9 September 1379 
 -  Treaty of Trier 1404 
 -   estimate 3 500 000 (1450) 

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Before 1400

Albert IV (1395-1405)

Albert IV ascended to the Austrian throne in 1395, his early reign was characterized by relative quiet as he planned for the future. At the turn of the century, he made his move. Wishing to improve his Archduchy, he systematically purchased as many Greek and Roman manuscripts as possible. The Monks of Austria and the University fo Vienna were put on the job immedately to translate the Latin and Greek into German. Albert started to read as many as possible as soon as possible, prioritizing those which concern military, taxes and administration. After reading a book on Gaius Marius, Albert sought to improve Aaustria as Much as possible, and in those ends formed the Archducal Guard, a semi-permanant fighting force that at its zenith reached ten thousand men. The numbers quickly nosedived, of course, due to financial cost, but otherwise remained the main de facto police force keeping the Archduke's Peace in Austria for years to come. Showing their allegiance to the papacy, the Guards fought in such engagements such as the Siege of Avignon and the Hessen Crusade, the latter under the command of Albert IV Himself, actions, along with the building of churches granted him the title "Defender of the Faith" as well as Papal recognition of the Archducal title. 

Albert V & II (1405- )


The Archduchy of Austria follows semi-salic sucession by consanguinity. IN essance, since the Succession law of 1504, the crown passes by right of primogeniture to all male descendants of Anna of Bohemia, with a caviat that females may inherit in the sole case that no male descendant within two generations (ranks of cosanguinity) of a living ruler is still eligible for the throne (i.e. a daughter of the ruler succeeds before a fourth cousin of the ruler) in the case that they forsake their (possible) husband's house.


Lots of Mines and Stuff, also Trade and the City of Trieste are Important.