Silver stater with Marcus Philippos' picture (ca. 338)

Archas (Arkas) is a nation-state in the Aegean Islands. It was founded around 369 BC after having won its independence from Achinia. It was ruled by a council of militarymen, although one commander, presently Marcus Philippos, is the head of the council. Archas is noted for having the largest navy in the region. Their currency, the Archaic Stater, is a very commonly-used currency in the region. Archas is noted for its large and successful olive platations, used to make olive oil.

Archas' patron god is Mars, the god of war.

332 B.C.

Archaic provinces

Map of the Archaic provinces,328 B.C.

In 332 B.C., the Archaic navy begins to prepare for war against Achinia. Their Admiral, Marcus Philippos is known for his brilliant tactics, which famously led them to victory against the Athenian navy in 336 B.C. He begins invading small islands to the south, some of which are politically instable. Marcus estabished a monarchy around 330 B.C.

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