Archamian Republic


Nearing the end of the ice age, a strange object of an unknown makeup slammed into the souther pole, permanently altering the land masses, and stopping the movement of the continental crusts, but not the convection currents keeping those mass afloat. With the the crust now fused into one piece, the tectonic plates would never again move, no more natural mountains could be formed. The new land masses that arrived where strange, Frosia was a frozen landscape, Insidria was a burning volcanic wasteland, Atlansia was a marshy and broken land, formed mostly from tropic islands separated by marshlands, and last of all was Andrea, a giant plateau, covered by plains and forests. Frosia is located where once was, but it is so cold, it would take heat above 500 degrees Celsius to melt. Insidria is located where the US west coast would have been, thus it was where the ring of fire was. Atlansia is located be Asia and North and South America. Finally, Andrea was located where Australia would have been, including those island. All of these mass are their own continent, unconnected to any other land masses.

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