Arcadian War
Arcadian cavalry in combat against a Reman artillery crew.
Date 1851 - 1853
Location Borealia
Result Coalition Victory
  • Division of the Republic of Arcadia
Flag of Reme Reman Empire

Flag of Koryakia Algonquia

Dominion flag Arcadia
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Reme Jayson I Chistakos

Flag of Reme Stephanus Rektaw
Flag of Koryakia Pakisimotan
Flag of Koryakia Bakar Mistahi

Dominion flag William Haroldson

Dominion flag Byorn Jakobson
Dominion flag Sven Yonson

The Arcadian War was a military conflict in northeastern Borealia between the forces of the Reman Empire and Algonquia against the Republic of Arcadia. The war was the next instance in post-colonial warfare between members of the Borealian continent and the struggle between states populated by mostly native Borealians and those populated by European migrants.

The war was noticeable in its brutality, and many soldiers died in horrible conditions on and off the battlefield. Such horrors led to the drafting and passing of the Solin Convention on proper treatment of soldiers and medical personnel. However, it became clear that civilian populations were still at risk, as Algonquia began the Arcadian Genocide, a systematic deportation and elimination of Arcadians of European descent.