Arcadia is a highly evolved city on the ocean.


They are a no crime tolerance country, and execute all criminals found guilty. luckily there are no crimes any more because of that. they are also have religious freedom (which is why the don't get along with the Nazi Germany).


Their military is the secret society that founded it: The Order Of The Black Sun.


They discovered that anything on earth vaporises when heated up to a certain degree. They then invented heat rifles to do that.


They imploy a variety of giant robots: from land spiders to giant squid for the ocean.


They have a gigantic space satellite called Eclipse. It has massive destructive power.


all soldiers wear gasmasks because of Nazi germany's constant use of gasses. Higher up members are allowed to wear ornimental gas masks to show their status.


Arcadia has a council of 12 members plus the President that make all decisions for the country. It is a scocialist government.

The President

The presidents name is Keirain Nite. He never shows his face and always wears a full all black military uniform with his ornimental gas mask, and carrys an all black katana.

Keirain Nite

Keirain's Uniform: a black Officer hat, Russian military coat, gloves, jeans and boots

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