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Arakan Federation
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Rakhine State
100px-Flag of Rakhine svg 80px-No coa svg
Flag Coat of Arms
200px-Burma Rakhine locator map
Location of Arakan
(and largest city)
Sittwe (Akyab)
Demonym Arakanese
Government Presidential Republic
President Hàn Thành Sự
Vice President Chung Duy Hiến
Area 36,780 km²
Population 2,877,000 
Independence from Myanmar
  declared April 1, 1986
  recognized May 15, 1986
Currency Arakan kyat






Arakan receives much rain, so rice is the main crop, occupying around 85% of the total agricultural land. Coconut and nipa palm plantations are also important. Fishing is a major industry, with most of the catch used to feed the populace, but some is also exported (mostly to neighboring nations). Small amounts of inferior-grade crude oil are produced from primitive, shallow, hand-dug wells, but there is yet unexplored potential for petroleum and natural gas production. The Arakan government has recently constructed an official oil well after a mineral survey pinpointed a source of higher-grade oil.


The Arakanese support a small militia for the defense of the nation. The main reason for the army's existance was fear of the Myanmar government. The army shrunk drastically after relations with Myanmar improved following the coup in Myanmar that established democratic rule.

International Relations

The Arakanese have established good relations with Kachinland, the Mon State, the Federated Shan States, and the Federal Republic of Zomi. The have established relations with neighboring Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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