Araguia culture is culture that existed in southern Uruguay from 50 BC to 1200 AD. Its population were advanced farmers with their own writing. They were in the iron age, quite advanced if we look they lived in South America in pre-columbian times. They built large cities. They lived in city-states, of them most famous are Arag and Anku.


The first farmers sttled in Uruguay in 50 BC. In about 70 years, they created their own script. It was hieroglyphic writing. In around 100 AD, they discovered iron weapons. In around 200, the state of Arag controlled western Uruguay and stretched as far west as Rosario. Its decline started in 320 AD, when the Otopaz raids started. Their inscriptions tell us that in 360 Ad, the Otopaz sacked the city of Arag and the Otopaz founded an empire in the Pampas of Argentina. Meanwhile, in the east, the state of Anku was growing. However, after the Xacorá raids, also the city of Anku was sacked in 560.

After the fall of Anku, its former teritory broke up into a handful of city states. Their names were: Itopa, Arata, Lobas, Tapan, Itatat, Izawal.

The last of the states, Itopa perished in 1195 .

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