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Aragón (Aztec Empire)

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Republica de Aragon
Republic of Aragon
Flag of Catalonia Official Coat of Arms of Aragon
Aragon aztec empire
Aragon in the European continent
Capital Zaragoza (699,755 inh)
Largest City Zaragoza (699,755 inh)
Official language Aragonese, Spanish
Government Type
-Marcelino Díaz Ricou
- Independence from Spain
Area 47,719 sq km
Population 1,277,471
GDP Nominal $ 34,400 (in millions of USdls)
GDP PPP 2007 $ 30, 700 (in millions of USdls)
HDI 0.832
HDI Rank 57th (high)
Currency Euro €
Demonym Aragonse
Religion Christianity

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