Historical prelude

Arabisrael Federation

1258 - 1917 Free Arabjewish Confederation


Capital Baghdad (31,825,110 population)
Official language Arabics, Hebrew, Yiddish, local languages
Government Democratic presidential federation

21 February 1258 - Baghdad Declaration

1 December 1918 - Collapse of Ottoman Army in Syria and Iraq

19 December 1918 - Federal Declaration

Nations Arabs, Jews, European minorities, Asian minorities, Africans
Religions Islam (78%), Judaism(10%), Orthodox Christianity, Atheism, Catholicism
Government bodies

Elected Federal Parliament

President Fayez Sakur
Political parties

National Coalition (Ba'ath Party, NDP, Hebron People Party) - Government

Socialist Coalition (ICP, SCP, Jewish Socialist Party) - Opposition

Area 14,225,986 km² (present)
Population 982,000,000 (2009)
Currency Golden Denar (1 GD = 17 $)
GDP 17.985 trillion $
GDP per capita 18,217 $
HDI 0.971 Very High

Arabisrael Federation was born in Battle of Baghdad, in 1258. In that time, Baghdad was under attack of Christian mongolian hordes, armenian mercenaries and crusaders from Antiochia. Attack began 1 February 1258 and was led by brutality and terror from mongolian hordes. After three days of fight, Mongolians and crusaders penetrated abbasid caliphate defense and invaded to city. However, at last minute, 50 thousands Jewish mercenaries, traders, volunteers and veterans joined Arab army, because of caliphate liberal policy toward Jews, in contrast of Christian medieval antisemitism. Attack was repel, Baghdad, second largest city and most prosperous city in world saved and Arab caliph signed with Jewish leaders treaty about Eternal Peace and Cooperation between Jews and Arabs. After World War I and collapse of Ottoman Empire in Syria and northern Iraq, all Arabian states united with Israel to Arabisrael Federation, new democratic federation.

Political structure

Arabisrael Federation is democratic federation with regular elections and extremely strong political authority. Even Arabisraelis inspectors acting in West European irregular elections.

Main governing body is State Council chosen by leader of victorious political party. Every member of State Council can be dismissed by popular will through petition. Leader of victorious party and State Council is also president of federation.

There are many elections: Legislative election to Federal Assembly, local elections, governor elections, popular referenda, municipal elections and Baghdad City Council election.

Every citizen have right to vote and also to participate in election process as candidate. There are also independent candidates lists.

Society, Population and Demography

Arabisrael Federation have third largest population (behind India and PRC). Population growth is 0.015% per annum for last 50 years, slowly decrease. 31% of population is in age of 0 - 14. 52% is 15 - 65 and rest is over 65. Average life expectancy is 82 years, because of highly developed health care and cutting-edge medical technologies.

Arabisreael Federation society is very liberal. Official statistics saying about very religious society, however much of official Muslims and Jews are agnostics and there is also large and strong atheist lobby in political bodies. Atheist political pressure groups of Alexandrian and Baghdadi scientists and reformers in 17th Century gained absolute religion freedom, women suffrage and in 18th Century legalization of homosexuality. In present society, near 47% of legislators and politicians are woman and in present government is 52% female membership and even one lesbian-oriented woman.

There are few Federal-level pressure organisations (Federal Confederation of Trade Unions, Federal Chamber of Industry and Commerce, National Science and Education Committee, etc.) and hundreds locals organisations.

Economy, Internal and Foreign Affairs

Average salary is 895 Golden Denars (15,215 $). Woman have slightly higher average salary (901 GD). Today services is 65% of GDP, industry 32% of GDP and only 3% is agriculture, because of genetically modified organism technologies.

Arabisrael foreign affairs are very complex. From 1389 when Arabs and Jewish destroyed last crusader remnants in Syria, Free Arab-Jews Confederation cut off all connections and contacts with European civilization, until 1914. In that time, FAJC joined IWW on Allied side, because of Ottoman antisemitic massacre in September 1914. In 1918 Ottoman Army presence in northern Iraq and Syria collapsed and Arab and Jewish leaders declared Arabisraeli Federation. In 1918 - 1921, Federation supplied Russian bolsheviks because of their Jewish-friendly policy and 47th Light Infantry Brigade active participated in Russian Civil War on bolshevik side. After IWW, Federation was active in Versailles Conference and presented moderate factions of IWW winners. They strongly opposed hard anti-German conditions and even leaved conference in protest against French policy.

From 1922 to 1936, Federation had strong economic ties with Soviet Union, however, when Stalin terror reign has began in full-scale, Federation cut off all contact and trade treaties with Russians. Even stopped supplying Red Army by weapons and ammunition. Period from 1922 to 1941 is known as Industrial Builders Period. Socialist Coalition in that time builded large oil industry in whole Federation and oriented research and development on oil technology and petroleum.

1941 - 1943 was IIWW period, known as Redemption for Baghdad. When Federation discovered Nazi crimes against Jews and concentration camp, SC and NC established temporary national unity government and declared war against Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Federation Navy saved thousands Jews escaping from Europe on weak ships. In January 1941 Federal Army invaded Sicily and southern Italy. In just four months, Federal Army liberated whole Sicily and besieged Rome. Massive air-bombing campaign over Nazi territories led to cripple Nazi military industrial capabilities, but also led to massive civilian casualties. In Summer 1942, 1st United Front (Red Army, Balkan Resistance and Federal Army) invaded Hungary, start liberation of Czechoslovakia and entered Austria. Millions Arab volunteers joined Federal Army as repayment for Jewish saviors of Baghdad in 1258. In Autumn 1942, Federal Army and Navy landed in south France, attacked western Italy and joined southern forces in Rome. 21 December 1942, Benito Mussolini was execute by anti-fascist insurgent death squad. Federal Army was welcome as liberators everywhere. In May 1943, 1st United Front liberated Czechoslovakia and invaded East Germany. Scandinavian Confederation began liberation of northern Germany and bombing Berlin. Arab soldiers liberated Auschwitz 27 May 1943 and even captured Heinrich Himmler. War ended 30 August 1943, by capitulation of Berlin Garrison. 28 August 1943, Federal Republican Guard, elite special forces of Federation, captured Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebles and Albert Speer and transported them to Libyan Benghazi Military Prison. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Balkan states became only countries in Europe which got their own embassies in Federation, until Harmony Period (see down). In January 1944, most of captured Nazi leaders were executed after Jerusalem War Tribunal. After war, Federation declared economic embargo against United States of North America because of their indirect (through private enterprisers) support for Nazi military and holocaust plans.

Arabisrael economy today is highly diversified, despite original orientation to oil industry. There are large oil industry sector, however this sector employing only 7% of workable population. Largest sector is electronics (17% GDP), second is automobile industry (10% GDP) and third space industry (7% GDP). Arabisrael Federation was first state in history which began space mining industry (Salah ad-Din Lunar Colony, 1981, today New Baghdad).

Diversification of economy began during Gaddafi Modernisation Period (1969 - 1979, during two terms presidency of businessman Muammar al-Gaddafi). Ex-president Gaddafi is present governor of New Baghdad. During Gaddafi presidency, government started massive investion to research and development, electronic industry, banking sector and started very strong cooperation with Japan Empire R&D and began close economic ties with People Republic of China and United Korean Republics. Gaddafi era was also known for megalomaniac projects, for example Great Sahara Lake. However, most of these megalomaniac projects were successful and led to large GDP and HDI growth. GSL created connection between water supply pipelines in North Africa and large fresh water reservoir under Sahara. Great Baghdad Redevelopment in 1975 - 1978, doubled Baghdad population to 31 million people. Baghdad area expanded from 1102 sq km to 3884 sq km. Baghdad was encircled by elevated train (from 1999 magnetic levitation train) and connected by four-lane highway with Damascus in west and Tehran in east. Gaddafi magnetic levitation train modernisation ended by creating maglev track from Tanger in Algier to Tehran in Persia, through Tripoli, Benghazi, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Damascus and Baghdad. During this period, Gaddafi built in whole Federation near 6000 skyscrapers, especially for the banking and technological sector. In Baghdad 1000 of them were built.

Harmony Period (1980 - 1989) was during presidency of Anna Liebowitz (leader of center-left Jewish Socialist Party). This period is known for signing of large number of trade treaties with European countries, especially France, Spain and United Kingdom. Harmony Period was also first time of opening French and German embassies in Arabisrael Federation. Period led to large investment of Arab and Jews enterprisers in Europe and even building few sweatshops in Italy, southern France and Austria. Some groups of Arabian and Jewish left-wing activists protested against Arabisraeli corporations practices in poor European countries. Harmony Period was ended by blood lone-wolf terrorist attack. Muhammad al-Bakr, member of ultranationalist faction in Socialist Coalition, murdered 14 April 1989 president Liebowitz by sniper-rifle. Muhammad al-Bakr was sentenced for life-imprisonment and later.

Anti-Terrorist Period (1989–present) started with Ba'athist nationalist party victory in 1989 presidential elections. Muhammad al-Bakr membership in Socialist Coalition led to drastic popularity drop because SC start look like weak, especially because of their Pro-European foreign policy. Anti-Terrorist Period was start in 1989 by declaration of Clearing Federation from Terrorism and Antisemitism. Military security declaration was wrote be newly appointed federal minister of defense, Saddam Hussein, ex-commander of 4th Tank Division. Hussain is seen as hardliner in Ba'ath Party membership and leader of strong nationalist faction Semitic Falcons. He and his faction want to weak all European influence and using excessive power against European minorities in Federation. Because of his great talent for modernisation and reorganisation of Federal Armed Forces, he cannot be replaced. Also because of fanatical loyal support from Republican Guard, where he served for 15 years and during Federal-Indian Border War where he won over tripple larger Indian Army attack. Anti-Terrorist Period and repression against Europeans in Federation led to tension and colding of Federal-European affairs. From 1991 to 1999, Federal Army fought against Christian terrorism in more then dozen countries. Hussain faction was criticized by liberal antiwar politicians and peace activists. In 2000, Federation met with new terrorist enemy, group of radical right-wing conservative extremist Christians calling themselves as Neotemplars, bombed Great Alexandrian Library and killed 169 civilians. Neotemplars connection to Texasian Christian Republic, main sponsor of Christian terrorism in world, greatly affected situation in Federation. Hussain faction gained again large popular support, which he lost after bloody War in Mexico Gulf when coalition of Federation and Latin American Confederation repelled North American Union attack on Mexico and liberated Cuba from Texas Army occupation, but with heavy casualties. In early 2001, Hussain and Federal leaders initiated International Anti-Terrorist Conference in Baghdad. During way to Baghdad Conference, train with Jakob Hamil (Jewish intelligence officers), commander Abdul Assad (Republican Guard Commander) and Dunya Salim (Egyptian-born paratrooper anti-terrorist officer) was captured by Polish-born Neotemplars. Commander Assad was killed during liberation of train and also two civilians died.

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