Arabian Empire
Arabian Empire
Timeline: 16b.c-84a.d

OTL equivalent: Yemen and west Saudi Arabia
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital {{{capital}}}
Largest city Timna & Marib
Other cities Qana

In OTL Rome never conquered Arabia, they only conquered the Middle East, but in this TL Carthage lead campaigns against the Arabian peninsula in order to gain riches. The Carthaginian Hamiclar, had explored the area of Arabia and had decided that a conquest could perhaps bring riches to Carthage in order to quell the Fourth Nubian Rebellion. In the year 18b.c The Carthaginian General Adonibaal II led an attack against the Maenians of Western Arabia. Carthage's navy had swiftly taken over the Red Sea and had begun two advances. One onto Ma'in and another attack on Himyar and Sabaea. In the following year the Arabian forces had managed to drive the Carthaginians back a little, but this had only been done when they were unified in battle, so in the year 16b.c. A council of delegates met in Timna, Qataban and decided to merge their kingdoms momentarily into one large Arabian Kingdom. They would rule jointly under an oligarchy for the next 100 years until the Carthaginians finally conquered Timna, the capital.


Early Beginning

Middle period

New Kingdom





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