Arabian Campaign
Date 12 October 1914 – 12 December 1918
Location Middle East, Arabian Peninsula
Result Ottoman/Entente victory
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Flag of France Republic of France
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungary
Tricolour Flag of Iran (1886) Persian Empire
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il Jabal Shammar
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of Russia (neon) Russian Empire
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussian Empire
Flag of the Second Saudi State Kingdom of Nejd
Flag of Hejaz 1917 Kingdom of Hejaz

The Arabian Campaign of World War I (Arabic: الحملة العربية) was fought from 12 October 1914, about a month after the Austrian and French declaration of war on the Allies, until 12 December 1918. It had involved every single sovereign nation in the Arabian peninsula, as well as hundreds of tribes.


Course of the campaign