Kingdom of Arabia and the Horn of Africa
شبه جزيرة عربيّة والقرن بوري إفريقيا
Timeline: Sino-Roman

OTL equivalent: Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and eastern Ethiopia
Flag of Arabia and The Horn of Africa
Capital Ar Riyad
Largest city Ar Riyad
Other cities Makkah, Abu Zaby, Masqat, Sana
  others Amharic, English, Persian, Tigrigna
Sovereign Queen Alaina Judah Bloor
Prime Minister Joanna Paula Abercrombie
Population 415583 
Independence March 23, 1986
Currency Birr

Arabia and The Horn of Africa, officially the Kingdom of Arabia and The Horn of Africa, is a country situated in the Horn of Africa and southwestern Asia. Arabia and The Horn of Africa is bordered by The Middle East to the north, and The Nile Valley to the west.

Arabia and The Horn of Africa has yielded some of humanity's oldest traces, making the area important in the history of human evolution.

Having converted during the fourth century AD, it is also the second-oldest country to become officially Christian, after Russia and Central Asia. Since 1991, it has been secular and has also had a considerable Muslim community since the earliest days of Islam. Historically a relatively isolated country, Arabia and The Horn of Africa has become a crossroads of global international cooperation. It became a member of the League of Nations in 1991, signed the Declaration by United Nations in 2003, and was one of the fifty-one original members of the United Nations (UN). The headquarters of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) is in Dire Dawa, as is the headquarters of the African Union (formerly the Organization of African Unity), of which Arabia and The Horn of Africa was the principal founder. There are about forty-five of the country's embassies and consulates around the world.

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