Flag of Hejaz 1917

Arabia | Hashemite Kingdom of Arabia | المملكة العربية اَلهَاشِمِيَّة | al-Mamlakah al-‘Arabiyyah al-Hāšimiyyah (Arabic)

Capital: Yathrib

Largest city: Jeddah (5,254,573)

Official language: Arabic

Other languages: Hindi, Tagalog

Religions: Ishmaelism (76.5%), Hinduism (5.8%), Monophysite Christianity (2.9%), Catholic Christianity (2.5%), Sikhism (1.7%), Nestorian Christianity (1.6%), Mazdaism (1.2%), Mandeism (1.1%), Others (1.8%), Non-religious (4.9%)

Demonym: Arabian

Government: Constitutional monarchy | Unitary parliamentary

King: Abdullah II

Prime Minister: Abdullah Ensour

Legislature: Parliament

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: Chamber of Deputies

Kingdom established: 10 June 1916

Area: 2,494,987 sq km

Population (2014): 46,289,195

Currency: Arabian dinar (ARD)

Internet TLD: .ar

History of Arabia


Ancient Arabia

Thamudites (c.11th–2nd centuries BC)

Ammonites (c.10th–4th centuries BC)

Moabites (c.9th–7th centuries)

Assyrian Arabia (c.710–612 BC)

Edomites (c.8th–4th centuries BC)

Qedarites (c.8th–2nd centuries BC)

Chaldean Arabia (612–539 BC)

Achaenemid Arabia (539–332 BC)

Nabataeans (c.4th century BC – 106 AD)

Roman Arabia (106–c.630)

Ghassanids (c.220–712)

Middle Ages

Persian Arabia (640–878)

Sultanate of Hejaz (657–1554)

Kingdom of Najran (686–1934)

Abbasid Sultanate (750–1517)

Sultanate of Amman (832–1018)

Almohad Empire (1017–1085)

Exarchate of Arabia

Hashemite Kingdom of Arabia

Reign of Hussein I (1916–1924)

Reign of Faysal I (1924–1933)

Reign of Ghazi (1933–1939)

Reign of Faysal II (1939–1941)

Reign of Abdullah I (1941–1951)

Reign of Talal (1951–1952)

Reign of Husein II (1952–1999)

Reign of Abdullah II (since 1999)

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