Arabia refers to a geographical region in Middle East, dominated by Semitic ethnicities, and by extension, the world the Arabians conquered and shared their culture.



Officially there is only one language common to all Arabs: (Classic) Arabic. There are however several unintelligible dialects, including:

  1. Andalusan Arabic
  2. Central Arabic
  3. Fortunian Arabic
  4. Jazairic Arabic
  5. Mixric Arabic


Most Arabs are Suni Muslims.

There are also a few Christians (Judean Orthodox and Western Catholic mainly), and Jewish.


Some Arabian countries include:

Arabia Proper

(These are Arab countries in the Middle East)

  1. Jordan
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. United Emirates
  4. Yemen

Europe and Africa

  1. Andalusia
  2. Egyipt
  3. Libya
  4. Maghreb
  5. Sicily

The Americas

  1. United Jumhuriyas
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