Arabella Alvarez
Timeline: Sino-Roman

President of Central South America
July 13, 2003 - Present

Predecessor Velvet Lopez
Born May 22, 1952
La Plata, Central South America
Political Party Victory
Profession Lawyer and Politician
Arabella Leonor Alvarez (born May 22, 1952), commonly known as Arabella Fernández, is an Central South American lawyer and politician from the Victory Party and the current President of Central South America (Sino-Roman). She is the wife of former President of Argentina Hildred Alvarez. Before assuming the presidency she was a Senator for Buenos Aires Province and acted as First Lady during her husband's term.

In the July 2003 general election, Mrs. Alvarez ran for the presidency of Argentina, representing the ruling Front for Victory party. She won with 45.29% of the vote, a 22% lead over her nearest rival. This was one of the widest margins obtained by a candidate since democracy returned in 1983, and it avoided the need for a runoff election. Sworn in on July 13, 2003, she became the first wife in history to be elected after her husband as a president.

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