The Arab Reconquest was a war in the Sican Reconquest era, where the King Grios Force launched a campaign into Muslim lands. The war was fought between 922 and 935.


Consteto conquered Persia by 916, and the Arabs saw the Sicans as a threat to Islam. So in 922, a new war had begun between the Sicans and the Muslims.

Mesopotamian Phase (922-25)

The first phase of the war was in Mesopotamia. Hill troops under Consteto invaded Kurdistan and Baghdad, while the Domes attacked Kuwait and moved northward through there. The Sicans won major victories at Samarra (924) and Tikrit (925). Following the battles here, the Sicans were in control of Mesopotamia.

Yemeni Phase (925-27)

The Dome tribe was not as militarily powerful as the Hills, so in 925, they decided to invade Southern Arabia, launching their own campaign.

The Domes were not as successful as the Sicans in the Mesopotamian Phase, with many indecisive victories. In 925, the Domes captured Muscat, and by 927 they captured Aden, but held only thin strips of land around those and a few other cities. Most of the land the Domes conquered was unmaintained and fell to rebellion in the following years.

Battle of Hatra Phase (926-33)

Following their victory in Mesopotamia, the Hills decided to push into Syria and Palestine, and from there they would be able to push south into Arabia, conquering the entire country.

However, the only city connecting Mesopotamia and Syria/Palestine was Hatra. To be able to invade other lands, the Hills would have to take Hatra.

The city was extremely well-defended. The Arabs held it with over 150,000 troops. From 926-29, the Hills were completely unsucessful in even taking a position near the city, and of the 80,000 Hill warriors that fought, only 15,000 survived.

In 929, the Hills launched 90,000 men at the city, and they successfully held a hill to the city's north. From 929-31, Hatra was under siege. In 931, the Arabs inside the city (with only 25,000 soldiers left) attacked the Hill armies, and were strangely victorious. In 932, the Sican army regrouped and sieged Hatra once again. In 933, the city fell. This marked the end of possible Arab victory in the war.

Syrian Phase (933-35)

After the Battle of Hatra, the Sicans fortified Hatra with over 140,000 men. Meanwhile, another 200,000 were sent into Arab Syria. They took Damascus in 934. The following year, the Sicans had Medina within attacking range, and the Arabs sued for peace.

The treaty's conditions were simple: the Sicans could keep what they took. Mesopotamia, Hatra, Syria, and Phoenicia were give to the Hills, while Oman, Yemen, Aden, and Socotra were given to the Empire of Domucc.

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