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Arab Press Agency
Formation 2001

The Arab Press Agency (Arabic: وكالة الصحافة العربية Wekalh Aleshafh Al'Arabeyeh) is an Arab news channel owned by the government of the United Arab Republic. The news channel was founded in 2001 by President Ali Abdullah Saleh as a mouthpiece for the General People's Congress, but quickly expanded to become a world news agency. Upon its launch, the APA was the first state press news channel to report 24 hours a day. It is also known for its extensive reporting of the 9/11 attacks alongside American channels.

While the news channel has numerous offices across the world, APA primarily broadcasts from its headquarters at their head offices in Cairo. As of August 2010, APA is available in all households within the UAR as part of the basic cable government program issued by the Hussein Administration. The channel also broadcasts internationally in 178 countries.

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