Flag of Nejd (1921)

The Military and national flag of the Arabs.

The Arab Legions (Arabic:al-Jaysh al-Arabī) (Persianسپاه عرب)is a militant, militaristic country in the Middle East and Arab Peninsula. It is the one of the most aggressive nations in the world. Founded in 1888 following the death of the final shah of Iran and the Islamic Revolution of 1889. It borders Equbla to the west and the Nation of Islam to the North. It is entirely funded by Military experience and governed by thr Grand Chief of Staff. Following the transition to the current state it is currently, there is only little spiritual temples in the nation and is the only state of Asia with the least amount of religious funding.


Capital: Riyadh

Official Language: Arabic,

Other Languages: Persian, Hebrew

Type of Government: Constitutional Militaristic Absolute Monarchy

Grand Chief of Staff: Qaboos bin Said al Said

Population: 62,653,653

Currency: Riyal

Religion: 82% Atheist, 16% Islamic, 1% Jewish, 0.5% Roman Catholic, 0.5% other

Literacy: 77.4%




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The Arabian Ship,وطني,circa 1898,.

During the Embassy Wars, Saudi Arabians took part in the English Colonial War effort against pro-Demice forces in the Middle East Theatre. By then the military tribes had grown to 1,600 men united Saudi Arabia men.

The Legion, part of Iraq force, contributed significantly in the Libyan-Russian War, the two decisive early victories for the Monarchists.

By 1900, The entire Arabian Empire had grown into a single nation known as Saudi Arabia. Top three high ranking officers representative of Legion participated in the Victory as follows: ◦Major General Abdul Qadir Pasha el Jundi, O.B.E. ◦Colonel Bahjat Bey Tabbara. ◦Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Sudqui Bey, M.B.E.

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