Gallia Aquitania
— Sentorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Aquitaine, France
Aquitania II
Location of Gallia Aquitania
(and largest city)
Burdigala (Bordeaux)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Celtic (Lingua Celticarum)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Itali, Britanni, Hispani, Franks
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Rome
Established 726 (27 BC)

A Short History of Aquitania

Aquitania was established as Gallia Aquitania and was inhabited by more than Fifty different tribes, they were the: Agesinales, Ambilatri, Anagnutes, Arverni, Ausci, Autobroges, Basabocates, Belendi, Bercorates, Bergerri, Bipedimui, Caduni, Cadurci, Cambolectri, Camponi, Cocossati, Consoranni, Cubi, Elui, Elusates, Gabales, Latusates, Lemovices, Mandubii, Monesi, Mountainers, Nitiobriges, Onobrisates, Osquidates, Osquidiales, Petrocorii, Petrogoti, Pictones, Ruteni, Ruthenes, Santoni, Sassumini, Sediboniates, Sennates, Sibyllates, Sottiates, Succasses, Tarbelli, Tolosanes, Uliarus, Vassei, Vellates, Vellavii, Venami, Veneti (Veneticæ), Vibisci, and Vornates. Aquitania became a Province after the end of the Gallic Wars. Despite the diversity of people in Aquitania, many of them became parts of the industrialization of that Province after the reign of Emperor Carolus. Aquitania, whose government was controlled by mostly immigrant people from Rome and Aegypt, expanded into the Provinces of Gallia Lugdunensis, Narbonensis, and Belgica. Later it lost these ares in the Frankish Revolution and was eager to regain them ever since. Records of the Governors of Aquitania only date as far back as the Frankish Revolution.

A List of Governors of Aquitania

Ahenobarbus Appeles 1029-1042
Aquitanian Expansion

Aquitania at its greatest extent before the Frankish Revolution

Gaurus Fortunatus 1042-1071

Frumentius Eonus 1071-1088

Habitus Glabrio 1088-1104

Gelasius Ligur 1104-1121

Martial Ivmarus 1121-1145

Marsallas Liberalis 1145-1152

Pansa Liberalis 1152-1159

Torquatus Senopianus Viator 1159-1171

Voteporix Senopianus Viator 1171-1183

Trailus Senopianus Viator 1183-1191

Ovidus Senopianus Viator 1191-1206


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