The Aquitanian Empire is a state in Europe. The nation has an illustrious history and their colonial empire was in control over much of the world, gaining power through wealth located in Mexic. However, independence movements, first in Mexic, spread around the world. The empire collapsed. With the collapse of the empire in the 12th century, the nation has been a major ally of Mexic, cooperating with it in the Cold War with the Tawantinist Slavic Union. Following its collapse, the nation has reindustrialized and is now a great power, with a spot on the Peace Concilium's Security Council. The nation has a post-industrial economy despite many factories and industry still existing in the region. It is part of the Occitan League and, along with Mexic, leads the council. The nation is also part of the Mutual Defense League and the European Council. Economically, it is the third-largest economy in Europe in terms of GDP (PPP) after Dutchland and Albion.

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