The Apache nation was first unified in 1559 by Warchief Ekta ushering in the Era of Ekta.

Era of Ekta 1559-1574

After the Unifaction of some Apache tribes under Warchief Ekta he forms a confedercy of tribes to unify all Apache tribes under a true banner of strength. Many tribes start to abandon nomadism and start to adopt agriculture. The nation starts to expand and tribes are either absorbed or complexly exterminated to show what will happen if they do not bow the savior nation. Roads begin to be built between the farming villages and the Elder Council is established. Throughout the Era of Ekta tribes began to farm and the Apache experienced a Golden Age. The Era came to an end when an ambitious Warchief killed all Elders that are not loyal to him and called himself Great Warchief ushering the Era of Govind.

Era of Govind 1574-1637

The Era of Govind started with bloodshed when Govind had 95 out of 125 Elders killed and seized power and established the first city Ekta. Great Warchief Govind and his Warrior Society are brutal in their conquests but do expand the Apache nation a lot. The army is standerized under Govinds rule and most of the army is professional soldiers.

Govinds Army Reform: Minor Warchief heads the army and the army has 6500 soldiers and 800 Warrior Society soldiers.

Centralization and the adoption of a central currency happened under Govinds harsh rule. Fortifications are a priority under Govinds regime and his legacy in defensive construction is still held in high estim. Many merchants begin business and the economy begins to strengthen quickly. Universal Conscription inplimated in 1586 created a strong reserve force and reinforced the regular army.

In 1589 Govind sets out on a great conquest to give the Apache a coastel region and expand the borders. During the campaign Great Warchief Govind is wounded and on the verge of death but is healed by a Catholic Missionary and converts in 1593. In 1600 tensions start to spread in the homeland when Shamanists and Catholics start going at each others throats. 1603  the Shaman Front begins to grow active with only about 60% of the campaign complete. 1614 Govind is home and a Cathedral is being constructed in Ekta. A new religion called Shamans of Christ grew to a large amout of members until Catholicsm won out in the race. In 1620 the Academy of the Apachean Spirit is estblished. No matter how brutal Govind was he would never harm his own people for no reason and that reason would have to be the highest of treasons.

The Holy Wars: The Shamanic Front and Catholic militias and governmnt soldiers clash in the streets of Ekta in 1618. It took a year before all the Shamanic forces are forced out of Ekta and the surrounding region. The war turns in the Rebals favor when in 1631 Ekta leads the Rebals against his grandson. In 1632 Govind proclaims himself King. 1635 Ektas Liberation Army defeats Govinds army and routes them to the capital. 1637 Govind surrenders to Ekta and is spared along with his surviving supporters. The Elder Council is re-established and Ekta is elected Head Chieftan. The Era of Govind ends in peace.

Age of Gold

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