Kyle Lockwood's New Zealand Flag
Official language English, Maori
Capital Hataitai
Largest Cities Tamaki
Population 1,207,000
HDI 0.931 (Very High)
Independence 1931
Currency Aotearoa Dollar (ATD)
Our Timeline Equivalent New Zealand

Aotearoa, or New Zealand is located far from other land masses, in southern Pacific Oceania, east of Australia. Aotearoa has a low population density, and a strong history of strict conservation. Its largest ethnic group is Europeans (mostly of British origin), followed by polynesian-origin Maoris.

Aotearoa, free of mammals (minus bats) and snakes, saw birds become the dominant animals. Like the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, and other areas with extremely unique biodiversity, a large percentage of Aotearoa is legally off-limits to humans. Also, people living there are unable to bring any non-native species onto the island, including dogs, etc. Each ship must be thoroughly checked upon entry to ensure that rats and other animals do not become feral. Because of these measures, the giant moa, the Harpagornis Eagle, and other animals are making a comeback from the edge of extinction.



87% Vegetarian
13% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

78% European
08% Maori
07% Oriental
05% mixed race
02% others (Polynesian, etc)


88% English
04% Maori
02% Chinese languages
01% Japanese
05% others (Polynesian languages, French, German, Netherish, etc)


73% nonreligious
55% atheist
18% agnostic
12% Cathar
12% Christian
03% others

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