Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a federalist empire stretching from the main Aotearoa islands across the pacific east of the Philippines and south of Hawaii.

A major Pacific military power Aotearoa has continued to thwart the expansion of the English and Japanese Empire’s. The relationship between Aotearoa and the English Empire has been resolved by the mediation of Scotland resolving the conflict through the treaty of Honolulu.

Aotearoa & Scotland

Though essentially a non-imperialist power Scotland in the 1720's did venture to colonise Aotearoa (New Zealand). After a disastrous expedition the colonists ventured to live amongst the Māori population. Subsequently, the Scottish population has been become a integral party of Aotearoa society, allowing strong links to exist with Scotland to this day. Scotland and Aotearoa signed a military pact in 1835 to defend Aotearoa's Pacific empire.

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