Aoengic Nalbin
Aoengic Kingdoms
Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png
214 BC–Ongoing
Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est).png
Flag Coat of arms
Ireland (island) in Europe.png
Location of the Aoengic Kingdoms
Capital TBA
Official language Primitive Goidelic Irish Languages
Religion Pagan - Primitive Celtic Worship
Government Confederate style Consul.
 - Won Civil War 214 BC
 - Disestablished Ongoing
 - 215 BC est. 350,000 (estimate) 
 - 214 BC est. 275, 000 (estimate) 
Currency Barter

Aoengic translates into One Strength in Goidelic

Main Chiefdoms/Kingdoms

Ούολουντο Chiefdom (Ullaid)

Ol nEchmacht Kingdom (Connact)

Mhuman Kingdom (Munster)

Laighean Kingdom (Leinster)

Uí Néil'l Kingom (O'neil/Tara)

Northern Néil'l Chiefdoms (O'neil)

Various other closely integrated minor Chiefdoms

British Isles Subdivisions Fully Labled 209BC (Romae Delenda Est Map Game)

Knowledge of the World


  • Welsh Tribes
  • Celtic Tribes in Mainland Europe
  • British Tribes
  • Picts
  • Carthage through mercenaries in 213 BC

Rumors of Roman Empire

Craft and Weapons

  • Small Bronze/mineral usage.
  • Wood and Stone Weapons, some bronze, although uncommon.
    • Weapons traded with Carthage in exchange for copper and common minerals (st. 213BC). 
  • Basic Agriculture
  • Hunting and gathering
  • Trade with Welsh Brython (started 214 BC)

Government and Religion Knows of:

  • Loose Confederacy, Oligarchies, Authorities, Monarchies
  • Rumors of: Empires, Consul type system
  • Pagan Celtic Religion, La Tene Religion

Language Primitive Goidelic, Goidelic.


No. Name Birth-Death Term Family/Line Titles Notes
1 BRADÁN SLUAGHADHÁN 256BC-Alive 215-Present Slaughadhan Elder of the Aoengic Kingdom Formed the Kingdoms

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