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Antonov Aeronautical Conglomerate, or Antonov AC, is the Russian Empire's biggest commercial and military aircraft manufacturing company, along with being one of the world's biggest corporations. Founded in 1922, it has since grown to become the main supplier of Russian civilian and heavy transport aircraft. The company is headquartered in Kiev, and owns the world's largest aircraft producing factory. Starting out as a purely civilian enterprise, the company soon earned the Tsar's interest through the success of many of its commercial models and the Royal Family bought a significant amount of shares, making it partially state owned. Makers of some of the largest aircrafts of the world, Antonov is regarded as one of the best producers of super-heavy aircraft. Their largest aircraft, the Antonov 225 Mirya is by far the biggest jet-engined aircraft in the whole world, utilised in both civilian and military operations. 

In the civilian sector, Antonov runs the subsidy company Air Antonov.

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