Antonio Cristo de Zapata Martínez
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Cristo Zapata in 2010

35th President of Colombia
August 6, 2010 – present

Predecessor Álvaro Uribe
Successor incumbent

Governor of Quito Department
August 2, 2007-August 6, 2010

Predecessor Mateo Zapatero
Successor Enrique Michacau

Chief Prosecutor for Department of Quito
July 3, 2002-August 2, 2007

Predecessor Mateo Zapatero
Born March 8, 1970
Quito, Dep. Quito, Est. Ecuador, Colombia
Spouse Rachael Tuffin
Political Party Christian Democrat
Religion Catholic
Profession Lawyer

Antonio Cristo de Zapata Martinez (born March 8, 1970), typically referred to as Cristo Zapata or "Zeta," is the current President of Colombia, winning the 2010 presidential election in a second-round runoff. A lifelong Christian Democrat, Zapata is the first PDC President since Rafael Caldera left office in 1974 and the youngest President to be inaugurated since Rómulo Betancourt's first term. Zapata is the first Ecuadorian President since __ and the first President with an American wife.

A staunch conservative, Zapata's Presidency has been buffered by a coalition in Congress between the Christian Democrats and the Republicans, who actually have the most seats of any political party. Zapata has instituted numerous reforms, including various austerity measures in every governmental department, tackling corruption, and instituting various governmental ethics reform. He has also made foreign engagement and trade a cornerstone of his first term, visiting 31 countries within his first year in office. As of April 2012, he holds a 47% approval rating amongst the Colombian public, a fairly average approval rating by Colombian standards. He will seek reelection to the Palacio Bolivariano in 2014.

Early and Personal Life

State Prosecutor and Governor

2010 Campaign

President of Colombia