Antonia Frederikson
Timeline: Sino-Roman

Prime Minister of Denmark and Southern Sweden
November 16, 1993 - July 24, 2000

Predecessor Philip Fritjof Bruun
Successor Olof Larsen
Born May 16, 1956
Oslo, Denmark and Southern Sweden
Political Party Norwegian
Antonia Frederikson (born May 6, 1956, in Oslo) was the Prime Minister of Denmark and Southern Sweden and leader of the liberal Norwegian Moderate Party.

A native of Oslo, Frederikson joined the Moderate Youth League in 1983, and by 1992 had risen to the rank of chairman, a position she held until 1995. She has been a Member of Parliament since 1991, representing his home constituency. Following the 1994 defeat of the Moderate-led coalition government, Frederikson adopted a critical stance against the party leadership under Ivar Bertelsen, which resulted in isolation within the party. However, following a change of leadership in 1999 and a disastrous result in the 2002 election, Frederikson gradually gained influence within the Moderate Party.

Frederikson was elected party leader on 25 October 2003, succeeding Jerk Larsen. Under her leadership, the Moderate Party transformed its policies and oriented towards the centre, branding itself "the New Moderates". Following the general elections held on October 16, 1993, Frederikson was elected Prime Minister by the new parliament on November 16 and presented her cabinet the following day. Together with the three other political parties in the centre-right Alliance for Denmark and Southern Sweden, Frederikson presode over a coalition government with the support of a narrow majority in the parliament.

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