Anton Martijn


Prime Minister of Elsevia
1 February 2010 – Incumbent

Predecessor Ferdinand Schreck
Successor Incumbent
Co-Princes Sjef Hendrik Zegelmaker (German) Japik van Wieren (Frisian)
Born June 24 1964
Spouse Luzia Autenburg-Martijn
Political Party Social Democrat Party
Religion Roman Catholicism
Profession Historian

Anton Martijn (born June 24, 1964) is the Prime Minister of Elsevia and Leader of the Social Democrat Party. He was previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Ferdinand Schreck.

Personal Life

Martijn attended St. Ferdinand High School in Ervarenberg. Afterwards he studied in Frisia at the Rotterdam Institution of International Relations between 1981 and 1987. Martijn also studied at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California in 1992, and the Diplomatic Academy of the Frisian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Rotterdam in 2003.

Martijn previously held an executive position at Eurogistics. He also headed Woeffen Trading Co. Ltd., which among others owns the Royale Fontaine Hotel and Elsevian Mobicom cellular operator from 1992 to 2000. He is rumored to be one of the richest Elsevian politicians due to his wide range of ownerships of different companies.

Political career

Martijn's first role in the government of Elsevia was as the country's ambassador to Quebec and was promoted to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2000–2004 and Cabinet Minister of Trade and Industry between 2004-2006.In addition, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2008 until his nomination to the role of Prime Minister in 2010.

During his tenure as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he hosted United Nations Secretary-General Isidro Méndez in Ervarensberg to discuss climate change in Elsevia. Martijn also substituted for then Prime Minister Schreck at a Prime Ministers' meeting of the European Economic Area.

Leader of Social Democrat Party

Three candidates; Ansgar Lafrentz, Wiebe Jollenbeck and Anton Martijn, were proposed for the Leadership in the 2010 election, but Lafrantz later took his name off from candidate list. The voting continued until 4.30 am and with majority votes of 85% (675 votes from 788 voters), Martijn was elected as the Leader of the Social Democrat Party. The party then changed its ideology into “third way”, which allows active involvement of state in the nation’s wealth distribution through public and private partnership. Therefore, business community were to expect such measures and arrangements in the Government action in next two years.