Antler War
Principia Moderni III
Tuktist musketeers repel an attack of Catholic dragoons outside Maskekon.
Date 1637-1639
Location Nehilaw Sachemate
Result Tuktist victory
Flag of Saint David Theocratic Nehilaw, Catholics Flag of Koryakia Tuktist Nehilaw, Sachemate loyalists, Animists, Western Christians
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Saint David David Maskawa Flag of Koryakia Isapo-Xixa "the Vengeful"
1300 15000
Casualties and losses
1000 light

The Antler War was a civil war in the Nehilaw Sachemate, which went on from 1637 to 1639. It resulted in the defeat of the theocratic Nehilaw and the elimination of Catholicism in the Sachemate, as well as the ascendancy of Tuktism.

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