Antillean Federation
— Nation of the Imperial Federation
Timeline: In Frederick's Fields

OTL equivalent: Jamaica; Bahamas; Belize; Miskito Coast; British Leeward Antilles; British Windward Antilles
Flag of the West Indies Federation Coat of arms of the Federation of the West Indies
Flag (WIP) Sovereign's Coat of Arms
Antilla IFF
Antilla (pink) in its borders and provincial capitals in the backdrop of the Caribean Sea

To Dwell Together in Unity ()

Anthem "God save the King/Queen"
Capital Kingston
Largest city Kingston
Other cities Port of Spain, Bridgeton, Saint John's, Cockburn Town, Bluefields, Belize City, Nassau
English (official)
Creole languages (regionally official)
  others French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, immigrant languages
Catholic Christianity
  others Anglican Christianity
Ethnic groups
White, Black
  others South Asian, West Asian
Demonym Antillean
Government Parliamentary Monarchy
  legislature Parliament of the United Kingdom
Queen Victoria II
  royal house Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Prime Minister Portia L. Simpson-Miller (Social Democratic Labour Party)
Area 78,000 km²
Population 25 million people
Established 1937
Admission 1937
Currency Imperial Pound Sterling (£), Euro (€)
Time zone GMT -6 to -4
  summer GMT -5 to -4
Abbreviations .af, .at, .if
Organizations UN, EU, IF, VB, L-BTO

The Antillean Federation (in short, Antilla) is a loose federation located in the Caribbean and Atlantic seas. Composed of several main isles (the archipelagos of Bahamas, the Leeward Isles, the Cayman Isles and the Windward Isles; the islands of Antigua and Jamaica; and the territories of Mosquito Coast and British Honduras or Belize) and several mainland territories, the Federation is around 1,500 miles from north to south nd 2200 from west to east. the Federation is the second-smallest state of the Federation (after the Pacific Union) by size and the third smallest state (after New Zealand and the Pacific Union) in terms of population. The Federation is important to the economy of the IF because of its Caribbean cash crops (including sugar and cotton) and its highly mechanised labour. With a large population of poor people and blue-collar workers (Antilla is the poorest state in the Federation, other than Polynesia, and the one with the largest proportion of economy developed in the first and second sectors of the economy).