The Greater Naval Republic of the King of Antilia
Timeline: The Greater Americas (Map Game)
Antiliaflaggreateramericas CoatOfArmsAntilia
Flag Coat of Arms

Itsasoa, gure bakearen eta arma (Basque)
("The sea is our peace and weapon")

Capital Caracas
Largest city Maracaibo
  others Espainiako, Iroquois, Amazonian, Incan, Aztec
Legislature Monarchy
Current Monarch King Osoa (789 - )
Population 9,984,300 (Mainland)

38,090,100 (Colonies) 

Established 721 G.A
Independence from Colombarieska (In turn conquered by Antilia)
  declared 720 G.A
Currency Antilian Peso
Organizations South American Union

Controlled by -

Background Info

Relatively small nation on the north coast of South America, with some of the islands to the north. Very warm climate. Average population. Large, developed urban areas. Some poverty. Widely religious. Small military. Renowned navy. Some volcanoes.

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