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Denmark had discovered Atlantis, OTL America. At this time preoccupied with the Aquitainian Wars, England would be a late-comer. They made their claim by taking the Scottish-Norwegian colony, which became New England; however, when they expanded it, they found that the Danish colonies of Markland and Anderland formed a belt around the English colonies.

The War

After some clashes with Danish colonists in Atlantis, the Quadruple Monarchy declared the anti-Danish War against Denmark. The Dutch allied with them. The war took place during the years 1509-12.

The Peace

In the peace of Hamburg, Denmark lost its lands in OTL Canada to the Quadruple Monarchy and Anderland to the Netherlands. Only the city of Haraldsborg and Prince-Haralds-Land (Newfoundland, as a base for fishermen) stayed in their hands.

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