Philippine Anti-Colonial War
Part of Soviet-American War
Date 1947-1954
Location Philippine Islands
Result Communist Rebels Defeated


Japanese Empire annexes Mindanao,

American-Japanese relations improved


United States of America

Empire of Japan


British Government-in-Exile

Nazi Germany

Hukbalahap Rebel Army

Soviet Union


Republic of China


Douglas MacArthur

Jonathan Wainwright

Koshiro Oikawa

Archibald Wavell

Franz Halder

Luis Taruc

Aleksandr Vasilevsky

Georgy Zhukov

Chiang Kai-shek

The Philippine Anti-Colonial War was fought from 1947 to 1954 in the Philippine Islands between the Soviet-backed Hukbalahap Communist Army and the Colonial American Army aided by Japan. The Hukbalahap also received marginal support from the Republic of China and Mexico; through Japan, Nazi Germany was directly engaged in aiding America.


While Japan instigated what the Philippine Islanders saw as "Liberation" to colonies surrounding the Philippines, disgruntled Filipino Socialists rose together to form the Philippines Communist Party in 1940. As the PCP grew in popularity, the American Colonial Force began to fear revolt and banned it in 1946. This actions would spark the formation of the Communist Paramilitary Hukbalahap Rebel Army.

The Fighting Breaks Out

On May 7, 1947, the Hukbalahap officially declares war on the United States, claiming independence for the Philippine Archipelago. To show their willingness for action, the Hukbalahap bomb the American Colonial Headquarters in Manila. The United States responded by placing the entire Island of Luzon under martial law. The brash actions of General Douglas MacArthur, who placed severe restrictions of the Civil Liberties of the Filipinos after the bombing, led to the Philippine public siding largely with the Socialist Rebels.

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