The Anti-British War took place during the years 1832-36. Emperor Alessandro I of New Rome brought together a big alliance with Germany, German Atlantis and Canada.

The war

Unexpectedly, the Imperial Navy proved to be stronger than the Royal Navy, thanks to the numerous fights against the Spanish Navy-in-exile.

The peace

In the peace of Roma Nuova, Britain had to cede Haraldsland (OTL Newfoundland) to Canada and its lands in South Atlantis, which were divided along the Tropic of Capricorn: Braseal went to New Rome, while the Germans received Argentine as a place for settlement (from now on, the country was more often called Argentinien). Patagonia, being uninteresting for the victors, became the independent state of Aymaria.

The aftermath

As a result of the lost war, the second English Civil War broke out in Britain. King Philip was killed in the revolution, the royal family had to flee to New Albion.

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