A number of movements oppose the presence of the Aash'n, ranging from internet forums to political parties to terrorist organisations. Some call for the containment of the Aash'n or forcing them off the Earth in their (irreparable) vessels; some even call for the wholesale extermination of the species. Hatred of the Aash'n as a species is commonly called xenophobia, though the correct terminology is aashnophobia; hatred of all things Aash'nite, including their culture, the plant life and technology they brought to Earth, and the political results of their presence, is known as extraterrestriphobia.

Aashnophobic politicians

Aashnophobic parties

Aashnophobic terrorist sects

Earth for Us

Earth for Us is one of the better known terrorist groups. A radical outgrowth of the Earthshield EU Party, the terrorist group has been active since 1986, when a Landrover Discovery plowed into a limousine carrying the Aash'nite technocrat In*in Shem-Doavar Sn* on an autostrada near Naples. Technocrat Sn* was heavily wounded and required immediate hospitalisation; two of her Aash'n aides, two of her bodyguards, and the chauffeur of the limo were severely wounded in the incident, with one of the aides and the driver later dying in hospital. The driver of the Landrover was later apprehended and identified as a Swiss citizen, who in court pleaded 'not guilty' to attempted murder of Technocrat Sn* or the manslaughter of her aid; he did, however, plead guilty to the manslaughter of the limo's driver. He announced that he was part of the Earth for Us group, which supported the restriction of the Aash'n to the AAAZ and no further. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment and, in accordance to Aash'n law, partial dismemberment.

Earth for Us has since been behind dozens of criminal acts, including the bombing of the Notting Hill Carnival in London in 1997 when an Aash'n group was allowed to participate. Its current leader is believed to be Hanno Metzger, a German neo-Nazi. An interesting point about Earth for Us is that, despite claiming to utterly hate the Aash'n, they have never attacked within the Maghreb, and according to their website never will. The organisation has never admitted why, but ex-members have claimed that this is because they respect the fact the Aash'n have no where else to go; Earth for Us exists simply to keep them there.

In June 1989 Supreme Communicator Shef de nak Au*tro Kel*debasef sentenced the entire Earth for Us group to chemical execution once a member has been confirmed as guilty by both an impartial human and Aash'n court.

Extraterrestriphobic terrorist sects

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