Anthony III
Portrait by James Alfredsson, 1604
King of Anglia, King of Belgium
Reign September 11, 1604 - November 2, 1610
Coronation November 13, 1604
Predecessor Eric IV
Sucessor Godwife
Consort Maria-Alfonsa of Portugal
Edmund, Grand Duke of Wales

Godwife, Queen of Anglia

Mathilde of Austria

Edith of Denmark

Full name
Frederick-August Anthony
House Cernau
Father Eric IV
Mother Margaret of Northumbria
Born May 22, 1557
Winchester Palace, Wessex
Died November 2, 1610 (aged 53)
 Anthony III (May 22, 1557 - November 2, 1610) was King of Anglia and Belgium from September 11, 1604 to his assassination in 1610. Anthony III was the son of Eric IV, the first King of Anglia from the Cornish-based Cernau dynasty.

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