Anterosian is an umbrella term for several ethnic groups native to Anteros. Three major time periods denote the history of the people's of Anteros, from 100 BC to 1000 AD was the Pre-Amerindian era where the planet Anteros was gradually populated by different Australian Aboriginal people's transplanted to all 8 continents of Anteros from Australia by the "Star People", the technology of those Australian Aboriginal people's was of Stone Age development whence the Pre-Amerindian era is also known as the Anterosian Stone Age . Then from 1000 AD to 1400 AD was the Amerindian Era where the planet Anteros was gradually populated by Amerindian people's to all 8 continents of Anteros from Mesoamerica and the Andes by the "Star People". These people brought Bronze Age technology to Anteros and contributed to the ethnogenesis of the Anterosian people's whence why the Amerindian Era is also known as the Anterosian Bronze Age. Then from 1700 AD onwards Anterosians entered the Modern era when they started to use Iron and Steel metallurgy, meaning civilisation's native to Anteros are currently in the Anterosian Iron Age.

Physical Appearance and Culture

Anterosian people are a physically unique collection of people's with distinct features compared to Humans on Earth. For instance they commonly have wavy black hair and often have blonde streaks in their hair during childhood. They have pronounced brow-ridges around their eyes and their eyes have strong epicanthic folds. They also have medium-broad and relatively high rooted noses, with a steep but narrow foreheads and rectangular faces. The Anterosian people's skin colour ranges from black to brown. They have large teeth and large as well as prominent jaws. Their culture's are diverse and unique, with ancient Aboriginal Australian origins, with Inca and Aztec influence in their languages, architecture and religion. Though because of the presence of Domestic Pigs and Mongolian Horses on Anteros they have significant Pig-based economies as well as an Equestrian cultures. There is indeed Ceteceans on Anteros introduced previously by the "Star People" and whaling is a common practice on the coasts. Anterosians do indeed have a denser skeleton and stronger muscles than Humans on Earth because of Anteros having a slightly higher gravity.

Traditions and Society

On Anteros many traditions take place such as the Totolitusuy which is a dance for luck in hunting big wild fowls. Many Anterosian men wear a sleeveless tunic and a loincloth underneath some tied to the shoulder and some tied to the waist and go out publicly with a cloak and sandles. Many Anterosian women wear a sleeveless blouse or short sleeved blouse over a one piece dress which reaches down to their ankles and is tied to the waist and go out publicly wearing a shawl held by a pin in the front. Their houses are built using Inca architecture and their literature is written using Aztec writing as well as the use of quipu for numeracy. Often to bring good luck and fortune they go up to the Teocalli to sacrifice an animal such as a Wallaby or a Pig with a Tumi. For different occasions such as war, marriage and religious occasions they adorn themselves and their horses with body art, the body art resembles that of Aboriginal Australians.

Weaponry and Armor

The weaponry and armor of the Anterosian warrior is both formidable and unique. For instance the warriors wear an iron cap helmet often accompanying a metal animal mask. They carry a iron square shield and a circular breastplate on the front of their uniform.

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