Anteros is the third planet from the sun in the Anteros and Adrestia alternate universe. In-between Earth and Jupiter, Anteros and it's moon Adrestia formed from the collision of Venus and Mars billions of years ago. It is located slightly closer to Earth than Mars is in our universe. It is a habitable planet slightly warmer than Earth yet not at dry and not as exposed to the Sun as Earth. From the 100's BC to the 1000's AD an alien species known as the "Star Men" had transported several Aboriginal Australian people's of different tribes from Australia on Earth to the several continents of Anteros to see how their culture would develop outside of Earth. Then from 1000's AD to the 1400's AD the "Star Men" had transported several Pre-Columbian people's from both Mesoamerican and Andean civilization's on Earth to the several continents of Anteros to contribute to the development of Human civilization on Anteros.

Geography and Biomes

Slightly bigger than Earth it has 8 continents and many islands in between them. The planet is varied in it's geography from warm tropical forests, to the cool cloud forests and the inland mountains and deserts. The oceans and their coasts are calmer as a result of it's moon Adrestia being slightly smaller than Earth's moon and tropical reefs are found on almost all coasts. Volcanoes are located all over the surface of Anteros which are often surrounded with fertile grasslands.

Fauna and Flora

Anteros has several native species as well as species introduced from Earth by the "Star Men". For instance native hexapedal creatures reminiscent to giant crabs, giant wormlike creatures, fungal lifeforms and algae lifeforms can be seen throughout the continents of Anteros. Many Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals exist throughout Anteros and that includes Ungulates, Marsupials, Rodents, Carnivores and Primates. Mongolian Horses were introduced to Anteros by the "Star Men" from Mongolia around 1100 AD to aid the transmission of trade throughout all Human civilisation on Anteros. In terms of flora there is many species such as various species of Opuntia, Jarava Ichu, Azorella Compacta, Bertholletia Excelsa, Agave Americana, Cryptomeria Japonica, Eucalyptus Regnans, Wikstroemia Retusa and various Banksia species. Cacti, Bromeliads, Palms and Cycads are widespread throughout Anteros. Many species are prominent in the mythology of Anteros such as the Clouded Leopard and the Hulk Crab which is a native Anterosian species unrelated to Earth Crabs and the Strong Worm another more dangerous native Anterosian species unrelated to Worms on Earth.

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