— Direct Dependency of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Antarctica 20W to 90W, Orkney Islands
Escudo de la Provincia de Tierra del Fuego
Flag of Antartida
(and largest city)
Marambio Base Station
Other cities Other Research Stations, Orkney Islands
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  others Chinese, Arabic
Religion Catholicism, Protestantism
Population 2000 Perm Non-AC (1995 Census) 
Established 1853
Admission 1973 (Dependency)
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -3
Abbreviations ATD

Antartida is a direct dependency under the United Republics through Argentina. As a direct dependency its land and resources are owned by the United Republics. However, as research stations became cities and expansion continued. The Antarctic Cities were formed to give them more of a voice in the Legislative Branches. Antartida is the first of three Antarctic dependencies of the United Republics. It was formed when the Falkland Islands and their former dependencies joined the United Republics in 1973, thus eliminating the British claim on Antarctica, and allowing Argentina to claim and administer over the region. Primary research that goes on in Antartida consists of solar panels, thermal insulation, and ship capabilities. The Solar technology and thermal insulation has been used by URSA and thus is subject to the Space Tax. URSA is the primary supplier of scientists and funds for research in Antartida.