The Antarctica Federation was founded in 1874 by various Australians who traveled there. They wanted a better life and a larger source of water. They learned how to hunt by bringing in guns, spears, and other objects to hunt the local wildlife. Thus, they decided to make it the Antarctica Federation.


They were colonized by more Australians and New Zealand people in 1888. Soon, people began building houses, and soon, factories.

Early History

Soon, they called themselves the Antartici, and they began to make a constitution, then, they decided to try to make a flag - until war broke out.*

  • See Antartici Civil War of 1935-1939

Antartici Civil War of 1936-1939

The War of 1936 was a huge burst of argument and chaos, the government was in bedlam, and the people were hungry and angry. The local seals and whales had migrated to colder weather and were arguing which part of Antarctica should get the supplies first, so, the government made a petition to make a West Antarctica, and an East Antarctica, the West was communist and selfish, the East was mostly democratic and wealthy. The dispute over food, and oil took its toll in 1936 when the Dictator of the West took over several forts and blew them up with all hands inside. War burst out and thus, began the war.

Antartica Flag

Red symbolizes the blood the founders spilled on the animals they hunted, the blue represents the almost endless sea, and the light blue symbolizes courage!


The government is mostly democratic, thriving altogether.