The Antarctica Conference was opened in 1916 in Madrid, Spain. Countries laid claim to parts of Antarctica there.



  • Rochas Sagrados (South Orkney Islands)
  • Ilha do Príncipe Afonso (King George Island)
  • Terra de Rondon (Coat's Land)
  • Terra de Pedro (Antarctic Plateau)
  • Terra de Rei Fernando (Droning Maud Land)
  • Ferreira Sea (Weddel Sea)


Spain lays claim to OTL Queen Maud Land, extended to the reach the 60th meridian east.


The Borealian colony of North Antarctica includes OTL Antarctic Peninsula, Ellsworth Land, Mary Byrd Land, and the Shetland Islands.


United GermanyEdit

Germany claims the otl Ross Dependency, extended to 150 degrees east longitude.

Roman EmpireEdit

The Roman Empire claims the land in between the 150 degrees east longitude line and the 120 degrees east longitude line.


The Emeraldian kingdom lays claim to the Ross ice shelf, as well as the Marie Byrd land (or there alt equivalent).


lays claim to the OTL Argentine and Chilean Claims. Nothing more. As one of the first nations to explore Antarctica, we hope this won't be a problem.

Australia Edit

We claim any land that's left.


Reference map

Indian claim overlaps with Spanish claim. German and Emeraldie claims overlap with Borealian claim.

It should be noted that Kaiser Mary Land (the name given to the German claimed land) has held German outposts on its coast since 1898, from which Germany sent its expedition that reached the South Pole in 1912/13.

My bad. Emeraldie is actually claiming Marie Byrd Land (Borealia) and Ross Dependency (Germany).

It appears as though Spanish and Indian claims are overlapping one another, therefore the Empire of India is open to negotiations.             Roman Crown   The night is dark and full of terrors. 

Truth be had, it really doesn't make a difference if there are overlapping claims or unclaimed territory. Because A) that's exactly like OTL and B) Antarctica has very little net worth.

Just keep that in mindNathan1123 (talk) 20:25, July 5, 2015 (UTC)