November 29, 2004.

President Bush sat in the Oval Office ranting to the Vice President that he "misunderestimated" Senator Kerry. "I don't know how another anti-war peace-lovin' hippie beats a Bush". Well none of that mattered now for "Dubya". The Press were having a field day with headlines reading "Like Father Like Son" or "1 and Out". But James Carville on Politically Incorrect said, "It's the Economy Again ... Stupid!!".

"Look what I've done. I passed No Child Left Behind so we could see is our children learning. Nothing important happened on my watch like with my Dad. He had Saddam. Well I had Saddam too but because I wouldn't let the Crazies come up with an invasion scenario. How could we? Damn if we wouldn't have gotten him with those new drone thingys. Hell, they loved Bubba for getting that Obama Bin whateve ... that tin-honored terrorist in cave in Afghanistan.

I gave the American people a TAX BREAK and this is what I get. The same as Dad. It's all bullshit. Just plain ole' bullshit. Well back to Texas Vice.Word is they may offer me the Commissioner's Job in Baseball"

"Mr. President. You took the right action against Saddam. There were no good outcomes in Iraq. I mean all we got to do is look at the country now. Sectarian violence, even Saddam's sons can't keep a lid on it. It's become a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The upside is that Israel is safe for the time being and every jihadist on the planet is now heading for what's being called an Islamic Civil War. The downside is higher oil prices as the proxy war is heating up in Gulf between in the Iranians and the Saudis. It could come to all out war and in that case. The 1% scenario is we would have had to intervene on the side of the Saudis again against the Iranians. Our ultimatum to the Iranians about the right to freedom of the seas and the follow of goods seemed to put some calm on the situation. It remains to be seen how long it will be before we have settle with Iran for good." Dick Cheney said in such a fashion that it reminded the President of that Simpsons cartoon CEO what's his name, Smithers or something or maybe Darth Vader but it wasn't important.

"Do we have the package ready for the President-Elect's team. I wanna make sure he's up to speed on all this because even those classified briefings we sent weren't totally revealing as to what I thought." Bush said almost absent-minded.

"Yes Mr. President. I have included our plans for a final settlement in the Middle East. It would involve reorganizing the Middle East with democratic regimes with a market economy based Milton Friedman's polices. It's just too bad that the President-Elect is probably going to be to weak-kneed to implement it." the Vice President said.

Just then, the President's secretary entered and said, "Mr. President, Senator Obama and Senator Cronin are here to see you with report on the state of nuclear weapon security, sir."

"Damn they're early. Well Vice let's see what the Geezer and the Kid have to say."

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