POD: 1997. An unnamed assassin murders Bill Clinton. The vice president, Al Gore, is unwilling to serve, and the inexperienced Joe Madison takes office. He attempts to calm things down but only makes them worse when New York City and Washington are bombed heavily. The world gasps as the nation who protects everyone slowly descends into chaos. In 1999 the terrorist group al-Qaeda starts planning an attack on several major US cities. The FBI learns about the attack after a leak in a Syrian newspaper. They inform Madison but he dismisses it considering it a fake due to the extreme plans. Little does the world know, Madison made one of the biggest mistakes in history. On September 11, 2001, the terrorist group hijacks planes in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Detroit. They fly into and destroy the Capitol, Twin Towers, White House, Washington Monument, Sears Tower, Empire State Building, Four Seasons Hotel, and the Transamerica Pyramid. This is the last straw and the New England states, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of California and Montana declare secession and join Canada. Madison, afraid to lose power, enacts a totalitarian fascist system in the USA. He takes away the states' autonomy and convinces the nation he is doing what the "brave and the bold" would have done. This outrages the world and Canada starts mobilizing with several exponentially forces from France and the UK. They poise their troops on the borders fearing an invasion while at the same time making the newcomers feel welcome. At the same time, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana join Canada. America sees Canada as a threat and prepares for war. Soon Mexico starts embargoing the USA. Central and South America follow while the EU cuts off diplomatic relations with the USA. Ireland is given back the north over the fact that they will participate directly in the fighting. They accept. Soon EU troops arrive in Mexico and NATO expels the USA from the treaty and lets Mexico take its place. Then, on January 5, 2002, without a declaration of war, America does a surprise attack on Canada and Mexico. California, Texas, and the FSA (Federal States of America), the Plains Union, and Florida declare independence. Florida and the Plains Union align to the new American Bloc while the FSA, Texas, and California join the Allied Bloc. For Canada, the situation looks good, but in Mexico and the FSA (southern front) the Americans are advancing fast. Madison, who installed himself as chancellor, makes the USA the TSA (Totalitarian States of America) and allies with China, Cuba, and Vietnam. Things go sour when China launches a nuclear bomb to Richmond, the capital of the FSA (The FSA is similar in territory to the CSA) and fallout also damages Washington, the FSA's capital. Fascist regimes take over Portugal, Bosnia, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Ukraine, and those countries ally themselves with the TSA. Soon the Second American Civil war turns into World War 3...

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