Other Town
Location North part of the Isle of Vinland
Settled 1018
Leader Mia Öberg
Population 3,443,201
Demonym Byenian

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Annenbyen is a town in the top of the Isle of Vinland, and was first settled in 1010. This was Thorfinn Karlsefni's second settlement in Vinland. It eventually grew into a huge port city on the east coast of Erikson. It is the largest city in Vinland, with over 3 million people living in it. Its geography used to contain many lakes and valleys, but has since had most of these ponds filled in. It has experienced a jump in size over the past few hundred years, as many people have been leaving in large numbers from places such as the UCI and what once was Divided China.

Andrebyen Map

The so-called "boroughs" of Kysten Byen. The picture represents about a 15mi. by 11mi. space.

There are many districts of Annenbyen, which are called boroughs.

  1. Gamlebyen
  2. Festival
  3. Kystenbyen
  4. Nyhavn
  5. Storby
  6. Kvadratby
  7. Torskbukt
  8. Atteineedeling
  9. Hektetgold
  10. Ny Helligdom