This article is about the wife of Henry of Carinthia and sister of Wenceslaus III, for daughter of Vratislaus III see: Anne of Bohemia and Poland. Anne of Bohemia is not very important in Premyslid Bohemia timeline, but she was the one of people how put following events into motion. Anne was sister of Wenceslaus III and in bouth timelines wife of Henry of Carinthia, she was born on October 15, 1290 and died on September 3, 1313, however in Premyslid Bohemia timeline she overheard her husband and that couse her death already on November 15, 1306 by her husband how blame it on Wladyslaus I the Elbow-High, that cause Poland - Bohemia war to be a fast one as it engered Wenceslaus, how already hated Wladyslaw. She was the only important Premyslid woman in this timeline whose rule is exactly opposite to her real life, where after dead of her brother she liked the power.

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