Anne de Valois
Spouse Alexander I of England

m. 1575

Issue Alexander II

Claudia Anne of England
Mary Elizabeth of England
Edward, Duke of Suffolk
Charlotte Louise of England

Full name
Anne Louise Charlotte Marie de Valois
House House of Valois (by birth)

House of Tudor (by marriage)

Father Francis II of France
Mother Mary I of Scotland
Born 5 May 1560
Chateau de Blois, France
Died 13 August 1593 (aged 33)
Hampton Court Palace, England
Burial Henry VII Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey
Religion Roman Catholicism, later Anglican

Anne de Valois (5 May 1560 - 13 August 1593) was the first wife of Alexander I. She was the eldest child of Mary I of Scotland and Francis II of France. She bore her husband five children in eighteen years of marriage and was dutiful in her duties as queen. She was never particularly popular with the nobility, being quiet and demure unlike previous and successive Queens of England.

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