Anne Sophia of England
Anne Sophia
Queen consort of Aquitaine (more...)
Tenure 12 March 1609 - 26 December 1646
Coronation 17 July 1609
Predecessor Charlotte Catherine de La Tremoille
Spouse Henry II of Aquitaine

m. March 1609

Issue Francis I

Elisabeth Charlotte
Charles, Prince of Conti
Genevieve Marie
Madeleine Catherine

House House of Tudor (by birth)

House of Conde (by marriage)

Father Alexander I
Mother Elizabeth Howard
Born 17 May 1591
Whitehall Palace
Died 23 November 1663 (aged 72)
Bordeaux, Aquitaine
Religion Anglican, later Calvinsim

Anne Sophia (17 March 1591 - 23 November 1663) was the eldest child of Alexander I of England and his second wife, Elizabeth Howard. She had one younger full brother and five elder half siblings. She became Queen of Aquitaine via her marriage to Henry II of Aquitaine. She led troops during the Siege of Bordeaux and refused to flee, although she was seven months pregnant. Her husband died in 1646, and she continued to influence her son until she died in 1663. She was a patron of the arts, and was one of the most literary women of her day.

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