Anne I
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Elizabeth I when a Princess
Portrait of Anne I

Queen of England
Queen of Ireland
Queen consort of Spain

1561 – 1586

Predecessor Henry IX
Successor Henry X
Born 5 July 1540
Flag of England London, England
Died 6 October 1586
Flag of England London, England
Spouse Philip II of Spain

Anne I of England (5 July 1540 – 6 October 1586) was Queen of England from 22 February 1561 until her assassination. As Queen of England and Ireland, Anne was the fourth monarch of the Tudor dynasty, succeeding her father, the late Henry IX. She was the first female of the dynasty to a reigning monarch.

Anne ascended to the throne on the eve of a widespread war in Europe, the Seventy Years' War in 1572, which eventually spread to the British isles due to clashes between Catholics and the minority Reformist population (mostly Calvinists). She, as well as most of the members of Parliament, was killed by Reformist extremists in the Palace of Westminster during a session of Parliament in 1586, in what was known as the Massacre at Westminster. Her death caused a succession crisis in England between two legitimate claimants to the throne, her sister and her son.

Early life

As Queen


Preceded by:
Henry IX
Queen of England
1561 – 1586
Succeeded by:
Henry X