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Presidentate of Annapolis
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: Annapolis, Maryland
. 1902 - Present
Annapolis War Flag.svg Annapolis COA.svg
Coat of arms
WIP Baltimore Chaos 2.svg
Papal States and its direct holdings shown in green.
Official languages English
Religion Unionism
Government Theocratic Absolute Monarchy
 -  President Michael I (First)

The Presidentate of Annapolis, often known simply as just Annapolis, is a theocratic absolute monarchy, located in the region of Maryland. Annapolis is led by the President of Annapolis, a position that began with Michael I, following his coronation by Pope George I in 1902. Annapolis is located south of the Presidentate of Baltimore, and north of the Papal States. Annapolis is a Unionist theocracy, converting to the religion of Unionism in the early 20th century. Religion played a large role in the state's history, becoming a chief supporter of the Papal States in its early history, leading to the religion's spread across the northeast.