Anne of Brittany
Duchess of Brittany
Reign 1488 – 1514
Predecessor Francis II of Brittany
Successor Henrietta of Brittany
Queen consort of Germany, Duchess consort of Austria, Holy Roman Empress consort
Reign 1489-1493
Predecessor Mary of Burgundy
Successor Joanna of Portugal
Spouses Maximilian I of Austria

Geoffrey of Angers

Henrietta of Britanny
House Dreux-Montfort
Father Francis II of Brittany
Mother Margaret of Foix
Born 1477
Nantes, Brittany
Died 1514
Rennes, Brittany
Religion Roman Catholicism
Anna, Duchess of Brittany, was the ruler of Brittany from 1488 to 1514 and the last ruler of Brittany from the House of Dreux-Montfort.


Anna was the only surviving daughter of Francis II and Margaret. After the death of her father in battle against the Burgundians, she became Duchess of Brittany. Eager to maintain Breton independence, she was wed to Maximilian I of Austria. With Aquitainian and Austrian support and troops, she and her husband led Brittany to victory during the Second Breton War of Succession. The Duke of Burgundy; John III, signed a treaty, accepting Breton independence.

Annulment and Marriage to Geoffrey

Anna and Maximilian had no children. Both mutually agreed upon an annulment, which was granted by Pope Pius III. Anna then remarried to Geoffrey of Angers. They had four children, one of whom survived infancy; Henrietta.


Anna died at Rennes in 1514 of a kidney-stone attack. Her body was interred in Rennes Cathedral, alongside her second husband.


Francis II
Margaret of Foix
Gaston of Foix
Magdalena Valois
Maximilian I of Austria
Anna of Brittany
Geoffrey of Angers
Marie of Angouleme
Francis II of Aquitaine
Francis III
Merged with Aquitaine

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